Price:   132.85

Bias:  While 132.49 supports I feel we should see one final rally above 133.55 and to the 134.14 target before reversing

Daily Bullish:

The rally extended all the way to 3 pips below the 133.58 target. However, in the process it has developed in a manner that is more consistent with another (but final) push. This will require the 132.49 low seen this morning to hold and for a break above 133.04 to trigger gains back to yesterday's 133.55 high. This broad area should generate a minor pullback but eventually follow-through to the 134.03-14 target resistance. It is here where I feel the high will develop. Thus, any stronger bullish view will require a breach of 134.20 and if seen would maintain the bullish momentum for 134.60-83 at least. Next larger resistance is at the 135.36-66 peaks.

MT Bullish:

4th December:    I feel price has shown its hand and the 134.03-14 area is my favored target. Only above would begin to threaten a move through to the 135.36-66 highs.

Daily Bearish: 

As long as I'm correct in expecting a move to 134.03-14 I feel this should be the high to cause a reversal lower. Thus watch out for a bearish divergence in hourly, 4-hour and 5 minute charts. Only an earlier break below this morning's 132.49 low would risk direct losses and if seen then imply follow-through to 132.10 and probably 131.79 minimum. Take care here as this could cause a correction. If this first decline is more aggressive then the 131.35 area is implied. Also note the corrective low at 131.06 which should hold on first test - though I feel the 131.35 level would provide this pullback. Below 131.06 are troughs around 130.00-20.

MT Bearish:

 4th December:   I favor a top around 134.14 and while this holds any attempt higher we should look for stronger losses again below 132.49 followed by 131.06 to approach the 129.05 low.

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