Price: 132.31

Bias: I still can't rule out seeing 133.06 but I am more in favor of direct losses to 130.36-72 and 129.74

Daily Bullish:
The 132.86-06 area has provided resistance thus far and any bullish stance is going to need this to break. Only if seen is there a stronger chance that we'll see a push towards 133.50 and 134.32 (and max 135.00-10.) While I am not in favor, a break above 135.10 maintains strength for 135.65 and 136.50 ahead of the 137.40 high.

MT Bullish:
4th May: The rally has been persistent but I feel more in a corrective structure. Thus only above 133.06 would risk a break of the bearish divergences and thus extend gains to 135.00-10 and maybe all the way to the 137.40 high.

Daily Bearish:
So far the 132.86-06 area has capped and cautiously with bearish divergences in hourly & 4-hour charts I remain bearish for a break below 132.12 to generate losses back to yesterday's 131.32 low and further to 130.36-72. Take care her as this could cause a second retracement. Thus only below 130.30 sees the 129.74 corrective low - but again this should hold on first test.

MT Bearish:
4th May: There are clear signs of a potential top and I'd estimate this to occur in the 132.62-133.06 area. From here a reversal to 129.74 is likely and while it may cause a brief correction I feel that we may well see a total reversal.

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