Price:   134.32

Bias:  While 133.80-07 supports there is still room for a move to 136.60 (max 137.28-43)

Daily Bullish:

Gains were seen as preferred although these extended higher than expected and raise the chance of seeing the ideal target at 136.60 minimum. However, I should add that at any point above 135.66 there will be a vulnerability to a reversal lower. While the additional gains can be seen the 133.80-134.07 area should support. This should generate a rally back above the 134.60-80 pivot area and on above 135.16 to the 135.66 high seen yesterday. This should cause a correction, but much shallower before the final move up to the ideal target at 136.60. Allow for 136.82. Beyond here I'll be more cautious. There is a deeper target at 137.28-42 though I am less keen on this.

MT Bullish:

4th November:   If price can manage to push above 133.22 and then 134.52-67 then there is a scenario that would call for a move as high as 136.61-82… max 137.28-45. Take this in stages.

Daily Bearish: 

As we move higher I feel the risk of reversal get higher. At the moment I think the 133.80-134.07 area will support and I feel we should be looking closer to the 136.60-82 area for signs of a cap and reversal. At most 137.28-43 could be seen while the larger picture remains bearish. Thus, only an earlier break below 133.80 would concern and suggest a more direct bearish route that would extend losses through 133.00-20 and 132.49 and back towards the 131.71 corrective low at least. This should produce a pullback ahead of the 130.98 low.

MT Bearish:

5th November:   In some ways I am quite satisfied with the pullback which if it reaches 136.60-80 would appear to complete a larger consolidation pattern. Thus watch the broad 136.60-137.28 area for signs of a potential cap.

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