Price:   1.3680

Bias:     While the 1.3667 area supports I see room for gains to 1.3711… While this caps the next move should be lower…

Daily Bullish:

Yesterday's lack of interest seems to point to a test of the 1.3711 area and preferably the 1.3667 area should support for that. However, take care here as I feel that while any stronger bearish stance is valid then this is the area from where it will start... Therefore a break above 1.3711-15 would move to retest the 1.3734-41 area. It should cause a pullback on first test but if this area breaks then it would appear to generate a stronger rally up through 1.3771, 1.3811-35 and to the 1.3910-35 area at least...

MT Bullish:

11th March:             I am still not in favor of the 1.3734 high breaking but clearly things didn't go to plan yesterday and there is a daily bullish divergence. If this high breaks then expect 1.3833-67 & 1.3935 at a minimum and it may well be stronger.

Daily Bearish: 

I feel we should concentrate our focus on the 1.3711 area. While this caps we should see the downtrend resume. Thus, watch for a bearish trade set up here. A break below 1.3655-67 would then trigger stronger losses back through the 1.3620 corrective low and then onto 1.3587 & then the 1.3533-58 area at least. This could cause a temporary correction. Overall I'd expect any losses to quickly reach the 1.3442 low.

MT Bearish:

 10th March:        So far the 1.3734 high has not been revisited and as long as we see losses below 1.3533 & 1.3507 we'll see losses extend to 1.3348 minimum and then 1.3222-54. As this progresses I shall update as to the chance we shall see 1.2960.

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