Price:   1.3578

Bias:     This is still balanced between bullish & bearish … however, if the upside develops the gains should be limited

Daily Bullish:

If this is to continue higher then the 1.3500-28 area should be tested but hold. Watch for bullish trade set ups in that area. From here a bullish scenario would generate a rally back towards the 1.3691 high again (approx), pullback and then extend towards 1.3752-72 and no higher than 1.3812-14. From that high a pullback should be expected.

MT Bullish:

12th April:            It would be wrong to ignore the upside threat. It is my view for the coming 24-30 months but I hadn't expected it to develop quite at this point… Above 1.3814 would confirm a stronger reversal higher but still take care at 1.3850 and 1.3907.

Daily Bearish: 

The high at 1.3691 keeps the potential bearish scenario in the running… To confirm this we'll need a break of 1.3500-28… I feel we shall see losses extend into this area and if no bullish trade set up develops and we see a drop below 1.3500 then the outlook will be for extension to 1.3485 minimum and probably 1.3428-47 and 1.3371-79 en route the 1.3267-82 lows.

MT Bearish:

 13th March:       Yesterday's 1.3691 high does have potential to set up a nice projection to the 1.27-1.28 area which has been my preference. However, until 1.3495-00 breaks take care - if this happens then look for stronger losses, initially to 1.3267-82 and then lower.

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