Price:   1.3411

Bias:     While 1.3456-66 caps look for losses to 1.3329-39 before recovering

Daily Bullish:

In the end we had a marginal new high followed by the expected losses. I feel we should see a pullback from the 1.3390-95 area that has potential to reach back to around 1.3456-66. However, I still feel we'll see the 1.3329-67 target after that - probably towards the low. Thus look for a bullish set up around this lower support for what should be a sizeable (but probably erratic) rally. Directly above 1.3470 would spark this recovery earlier, initially for yesterday's 1.3520 high but then above..

MT Bullish:

21st April:           This still looks like a potential triangle to me and as we approach the 1.3329-39 area seems to be the likely target. As long as this holds we'll see continued range trading probably below 1.3650.

Daily Bearish: 

The 1.3329-67 target remains but I suspect a pullback from just below current levels to around 1.3456-66. Look for bearish trade set ups here. From here we should see the decline to the 1.3329-67 target - probably the lower end. There is a potential bullish divergence developing in the 4-hour market and if this is matched by the hourly it should confirm this base. Only below 1.3300-20 would retest the 1.3267-83 lows. Next support at 1.3222.

MT Bearish:

 19th March:       There is some risk of seeing 1.3357-67. However, only a breach of this support would extend losses to 1.3303 at least and after a correction to the 1.3267-83 lows… This would make things look a lot more bearish and maybe raise the risk of extension below 1.30.

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