Price:   1.4115

Bias:     I look for gains to reach the 1.4166-90 area before the downtrend resumes

Daily Bullish:

The 1.4020-38 support area worked well and this should see the correction I was looking for develop. Once above the 1.4142 corrective high it should follow-through to the 1.4166-90 retracement resistance. Ideally this should hold and trigger losses again. However, there is also an inverse head & shoulders that would target the 1.4250 area so take care with any attempt to sell. Thus, a break above 1.4190-00 would extend the pullback into the 1.4250-70 pivot area.

MT Bullish:

22nd January:       Overall momentum remains bearish and we'll need a stronger reversal signal to confirm a break higher. The 1.4250-70 area seems important, then 1.4321-30 while above the 1.4413 corrective high would generate a rally back to the 1.4578 high.

Daily Bearish: 

The 1.4014-38 support was generated by a combination of measurements but at the moment it seems more likely that the recovery we are seeing is corrective only. Watch the 1.4166-90 resistance closely. If I have got the structure correct then this should cap and take price back to the 1.4028 low, see a small pullback and then extend lower. The eventual target looks to be in the 1.3890-1.3930 area.

MT Bearish:

 22nd January:    The strong bearish momentum is beginning to make a stronger bearish scenario more possible. However, at this point I feel the downside may well be limited to the 1.3890-1.3930 area approximately. Also keep in mind the deeper 1.3820 daily retracement target.

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