Price:   1.2331

Bias:    I look for 1.2367-05 to cap and for another decline back to 1.2240 & later below

Daily Outlook:

Well, the bounce from 1.2208 was just about perfect and generated a sharp pullback but I don't think there's much further to go now. Anywhere between 1.2367 and 1.2405 I feel we shall see a cap and a reversal lower. Therefore watch for bearish trade set ups in this area. Once this begins it should move back to the 1.2320-40 area initially and then the 1.2295-05 pivot area before following through back to yesterday's lows. By tomorrow I feel this has potential to 1.2102 - max 1.2073.

Only directly above 1.2410 would imply a retest of the 1.2466 high. However, I still don't see this as moving much further. Note resistance at 1.2489 & 1.2504-27. Only if we begin to see this type of strength would I begin to look for a stronger follow-through higher with the 1.2670 swing high a potential target.

Medium Term Outlook:

23rd June:      This is at risk of a morphing of the wave structure from immediately bullish to corrective. Initial support is at 1.2190-12 and later 1.2073-1.2121. Only back above 1.2380 & 1.2406 would raise the prospect of direct gains again.

Only below 1.2050-73 would reverse the larger bullish outlook...

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