Price:   1.3309

Bias:     Cautiously I look for a pullback to 1.3386-01 before lower again

Daily Bullish:

The dip to 1.3283 and then recovery has caused a small adjustment and I feel that most likely we're going to see a move back to the 1.3386 high but probably no further than 1.3401. A break above 1.3327 should confirm this move. However, once this recovery has completed the downtrend should resume. Therefore, only a break above 1.3401 and 1.3418 would generate any stronger reaction back towards 1.3465-96 and probably max 1.3541...

MT Bullish:

25th March:            Given the weekly bearish flag I really don't think we're going to see any real sustainable rallies for several weeks. At this point, only above 1.3530-50 will imply a stronger outlook again.

Daily Bearish: 

The small blip down to 1.3283 appears to imply a lowering of resistance levels to the 1.3386-01 area. If this is seen then look for bearish trade set ups here. From this resistance or a direct break below 1.3244-67 I look for losses to extend more strongly below 1.3217-22 (minor risk of a reaction) and then more aggressively down to 1.3166, 1.3134 and then the next significant support at 1.3083. Ideally this should occur at the same time as USDCHF reaching 1.0890.

MT Bearish:

 25th March:        The 1.3405-28 area did break and this should be just the beginning of the continuation of substantial losses. While 1.3500-35 caps look for follow-through to 1.3222, 1.3064-80, 1.2940-60 and eventually by end April towards 1.2650-00.

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