Price:   1.4705

Bias:  We may have seen the low already but allow for 1.4674-82 but today should see a reversal higher

Daily Bullish:

The 1.4839 resistance held perfectly and we have reached the 1.4703 target and just a little more. Hourly momentum is showing a tentative bullish divergence and at the most I see room for losses to 1.4664-82 only and probably 1.4674-82… From here I shall look for price to stage a recovery back above 1.4730 which should then extend the recovery towards the 1.4790-95 and 1.4814 areas. This should cause a correction. Once above 1.4814I feel the move can accelerate a little more comfortably above 1.4845-76 and towards the 1.4926 swing high. This too should stall the rally for a pullback.

MT Bullish:

27th October:  I retain the 1.5153-1.5200 target area but we'll probably see the correction deepen first. The general areas where a base could be seen are at 1.4771 and 1.4721 followed by what is probably the favored target around 1.4674-1.4702. Don't forget 1.4650 & 1.4617...

Daily Bearish: 

We have come to the favored target mentioned in the MT bullish section at 1.4674-02. Thus any bearish stance will require break of 1.4674 and also a small projection at 1.4664. If seen expect extension to 1.4617 and max 1.4570-75. Take care there. Only below opens up 1.4526 and then the 1.4480 major corrective low.

MT Bearish:

28th October:   As things have developed I feel the 1.4703-09 area is the most likely stalling point, second likely is the 1.4770 low we have already seen and finally the 1.4674 Fibonacci retracement and price support. Only below 1.4650-73 would extend losses further.

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