Price:   1.3631

Bias:     We should see a test of the 1.3687-07 area … ideally this should cap else see stronger gains

Daily Bullish:

The downside failure caused a recycling of the entire correction and as far as I can see the 1.3687-07 area is the critical pivotal point between bullish & bearish. I see a higher resistance around 1.3728-33 but feel that's a bit too high. We shall need to observe the momentum conditions in this area and if they remain bullish then the risk is a surprise push higher and take care as this could be quite sharp and extend gains to the 1.3818-38 area. Next major resistance appears to be at 1.3920.

MT Bullish:

3rd March:          Only back above 1.3787-07 is going to threaten follow-through initially to 1.3818-38 and possibly 1.3920… I will review if this break occurs but at this point it would appear quite bullish.

Daily Bearish: 

Watch the 1.3787-07 area. As long as this is approached with momentum slowing in a bearish divergence this would appear to be just a recycling of the correction from the original 1.3449 low. A break below 1.3590-15 would assist this lower and should then extend losses through 1.3550 and to the 1.3514 swing low. This should cause a brief correction at least. Below would open up the 1.3442-49 lows once again.

MT Bearish:

 3rd March:        It looks like we'll have to allow for 1.3787-07 but as long as this can hold the downside can still resume through the 1.3442-49 lows and to 1.3222 minimum and potentially 1.2960.

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