Price:   1.4357

Bias:     While 1.4372-89 caps the risk remains lower for 1.4264 and 1.4217 again

Daily Bullish:

The rally fell a little short of the ideal 1.4496 target and this places the emphasis on the downside. Only a break above 1.4389-04 would suggest that we can once again retest the 1.4483-96 area and if that breaks then open up 1.4570-00 and max 1.4679. On the assumption that 1.4372-89 caps then I'll expect the decline to follow-through to 1.4264 initially but will expect a correction higher from here. The next buying area will then likely be close to the 1.4217 low...

MT Bullish:

4th January:      I still favor waiting for 1.4014 at least and maximum 1.3820 before considering medium term long positions. Only an earlier move above 1.4680-00 would imply more immediate strength.

Daily Bearish: 

I would like to think that we're on our way lower - the only concern in my mind being the 2 week time frame expected to reach the expected low. For today as long as the 1.4372-89 area caps I feel we can see another attempt lower. From there a break below the 1.4334 low should extend losses to 1.4264. There is a good chance this will support for a pullback. However, expect it to later break and for a retest of the 1.4217 low... I doubt we'll get an aggressive push lower but note the next major support at 1.4123.

MT Bearish:

 21st December:  We're now very much closer to the final targets but there is no sign of reversal yet and we should be noting support at 1.4208-30, 1.4123 and 1.4014. This lower support looks attainable now - so perhaps I'll add 1.3820 as the deepest we should see.

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