Price:   1.4728

Bias:  We may have seen the low already… at most the downside should be limited to 1.4630-40

Daily Bullish:

Price has reached the minimum downside target but not quite the preferred 1.4630-39 support. Thus, with this small discrepancy we need to be aware of the downside risk as well as the upside. However, the 1.4630-39 area is the downside limit so overall the upside has greater potential. Thus, look for a bullish set up anywhere between 1.4630-68. Any earlier break above 1.4750-75 would trigger direct gains and then I'd look for a recovery back to the 1.4795-05 pivot area. Above there the next resistance appears to be around 1.4862 & 1.4904.

MT Bullish:

9th December:    I feel it is time to look for a recovery from the 1.4630-68 area and this could be quite deep. In fact a move back above 1.50 seems most likely but then we'll have to take care from 1.5034 onwards.

Daily Bearish: 

The correction was very complex and has generated the preferred losses to just above the 1.4630 target. Thus I feel any downside is limited today and only a breach of the 1.4626 low followed by 1.4610 would cause stronger follow-through. If seen then look for follow-through below 1.4583 and probably down to the swing low at 1.4480. This should hold on the day if seen. Also note support at 1.4433 followed by 1.4387.

MT Bearish:

 7th December: Losses have developed as expected but there is some short term doubt over where this will stop. The minimum is at 1.4703-16 and if this breaks then the 1.4629 level should be the most we see.

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