Price:   145.61

Bias:  Mixed - waiting for breaks as there is potential for a sideways consolidation

Daily Bullish:

The way this has pushed higher tends to be pointing to a stronger rally. The 145.00-20 support must hold for this and a break then above the 145.80-04 area should extend gains to 146.41-70 at least. Take care here as this is the minimum target. Watch what GBPUSD is doing and whether that is also breaking above the 1.6346-74 area. We shall need to be open to a bearish reversal pattern or just plain extension higher and if the latter occurs then I'll be looking for extension through to 147.20-44 and then 148.00 en route a final target at 148.57.

MT Bullish:

16th December:    The break above the 145.65 high is opening up the potential for a minimum target at 146.41-70 and potentially 148.57. I suspect the higher area should hold and here watch USDJPY at 90.77 and GBPUSD at 1.6492-08 for signs of a cap.

Daily Bearish: 

Even though I am bullish I am quite aware that we are in a choppy market and it's not impossible to see this minor follow-through and then reversal lower. There is a bearish divergence in the hourly chart and we should not ignore that. However, I feel we'll need a break back below 145.00-20 to make that a stronger risk and below 144.57 would trigger losses through to 144.00-20 and 143.34-54.

MT Bearish:

 10th December: Only below 140.72-03 would retest the 139.30 low - but I still feel we'll see this hold for a correction higher.

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