Price:   142.44

Bias:     Mixed - waiting for breaks and feel we are more likely to see tight range trading today

Daily Bullish:

No break above 143.50 which tends to keep the bearish structure intact. However, I am not sure we'll see direct losses. There is support around 141.85-05 and while this supports we could see a move back within range to the 143.18-25 area. On the way there is pivot resistance at 142.65-95. Thus, only a break above 143.50 would trigger a stronger extension higher which would then see the 143.95-05 pivot resistance and above there the 144.45-85 area...

MT Bullish:

29th April:          Direct gains were not to be seen and I feel we should be looking for buying areas between 140.19-61 - at the very lowest 139.81.

Daily Bearish: 

Overall I still feel this requires a further dip but while the 141.85-05 area supports we could see continued range trading. Thus, only a break below 141.85 and then the 141.61 low would extend the downside to 141.17-34 at least and potentially the larger targets at 140.61-82 and 140.19. A deeper and more aggressive target is at 139.81....

MT Bearish:

 29th April:      If we see the current range trading continue I shall have to recalculate the eventual downside targets but for now they are at 140.61-82, 140.19 and an aggressive target at 139.81.

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