Price:   141.23

Bias:     Cautiously I feel we have seen the low and should see gains

Daily Bullish:

The range dramatically broke and extend losses to the 139.30-35 lows. Although I can't see anything to suggest a reversal I feel we should be aware of the risk of a push higher. Wait for break above 141.36 and if seen it should extend the gains to 141.87 and 142.08. Again, this higher resistance at 142.08 looks important if there is a direct test as it should then hold. If we see earlier corrections then it may not have the same power. Above 142.08 would extend gains to 142.47, 143.00-05 and then the stronger 143.45-55 pivot resistance which I feel would hold.

MT Bullish:

5th February:      As long as the 139.30-35 support holds I feel we should be expecting a stronger recovery. Above 142.08 and the 143.45-55 pivot resistance should assist the recovery back to the 145.00-27 corrective high.

Daily Bearish: 

Only a break below 139.00-35 will cause me to get more directly bearish. Only if seen would I then expect losses to extend once again to 137.40-70 and potentially 136.84. However, this broad area should support for a correction.

MT Bearish:

 5th February:    Only below 139.00 would maintain the bearish momentum for 136.84-137.41 at least. If seen I shall review.

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