Price: 155.07

Bias: The downside remains at risk - but take care at 154.66

Daily Bullish:

We have already seen the break lower this morning but we have to take care at the 154.66 support. There are two targets for this leg lower - the first at 154.66 and the second between 153.17-51. Thus look for a bullish reversal pattern either at 154.66 or if this breaks at 153.17-51 and trade the break of the pattern. If we see the bounce occur from 154.66 then at most the pullback can get to 156.29-80. Thus any stronger bullish stance will require a break above 156.80 and if seen would extend gains to 157.84.

MT Bullish:

29th June: Gains have slowly been developing but I still see this reaching 1.1813-32 and while this should cause a correction the ultimate target will be higher to at least 1.1926.

Daily Bearish:

This morning has seen losses to 154.87 and I see support at 154.66. Take care here. For any further decline we shall need a break of this support. If seen then look for extension lower towards 153.17-51. I suspect this support would hold. However, do also note the next support at 152.59. While I remain MT bearish I feel we shouldn't see direct aggressive losses below 153.17-51 probably and certainly not 152.59...

MT Bearish:

6th July: While 156.80-157.12 caps I will be looking for losses to 154.66 and probably 153.17-51 and while a correction will be due the minimum eventual target is at 151.74 below which are projections at 148.48 and 146.47€¦

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