Price: 1.3855

Bias: While 1.3909-16 caps I look for losses below 1.3776 & possibly a strong down day to below 1.3501

Daily Bullish:
Yesterday was another messy day but price is finding the 1.39 area difficult to overcome and I see resistance at 1.3916 that looks like being satisfied by this morning's spike to 1.3909. Thus only a move above 1.3916-25 would provide a stronger move higher but we still need to observe resistance at 1.3938 and 1.3960-80 which also have the capability to cap and cause a stronger reversal. Only above 1.3980 suggests a much stronger picture for gains back above 1.40 to 1.4058-90...

MT Bullish:
10th March: Yesterday's losses mean we can lower our reversal area to the 1.40 level (aggressive) and also 1.4200.

Daily Bearish:
I am cautiously feeling that this morning's high at 1.3909 may have completed this complex correction. We should note resistance at 1.3916 also. While this caps and we see a break below 1.3821 we should see an initial decline to 1.3776 but take care as this could cause a pullback However, I do expect later breach for losses to potentially become aggressive once again and extend lower to 1.3708-22 and then the 1.3653 low. This area could again cause a correction. However, I'll expect eventual follow-through for below 1.35.

MT Bearish:
10th March: At last we are on out way lower and I feel we haven't yet reached the next major support. I have two major targets, the first at 1.3427 and the second around 1.3087-1.3163€¦ We'll observe how the decline develops to judge which support will hold.

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