Price:   1.4611

Bias:    I suspect a pullback to the 1.4764-97 area before losses back to the 1.4479 low…

Daily Outlook:

Losses were pretty emphatic and momentum remains bearish. However, I feel that while 1.4550-71 supports there is early risk of a pullback higher. A move above 1.4702 (which should initially hold) will extend gains through 1.4731 and into the 1.4764-97 resistance area. This is a critical pivotal area. Given the momentum conditions I feel this will cap for losses right back down to the 1.4550-71 area where a shallower correction should be expected before losses through to the 1.4479 low again. There may be marginal overlap with 1.4436-64 being the maximum I expect. Below there would maintain the downtrend for 1.4396-04 and probably more.

Now, if we get a break above 1.4800 then the picture changes. The 1.4550-71 area is a valid retracement area which could hold if a larger sideways consolidation develops. Then a break above 1.4800 would extend gains, although the risk will be that this is rather erratic, towards 1.4860-80, 1.4916 and then the 1.4951 area.

Medium Term Outlook:

14th May:      This steep decline actually looks as if it is part of a larger correction and similar to EURUSD would imply, as long as 1.4436-79 supports, a total recycling of the correction back to the 1.5049 high... A direct recovery would imply a possible triangle and a longer period of sideways movement...

Only a direct break below 1.4436 and 1.4396 would imply direct continuation of the larger downtrend possibly as far as 1.4184.

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