Price:   1.5345

Bias:     If this is to make stronger gains then it must get on with them soon else the correction will recycle lower…

Daily Bullish:

No break above 1.5474 and that has brought price right back down to it prior corrective lows. There is support here at 1.5311-17 and this is critical. While it holds and we see a move back above 1.5355-65 and more importantly 1.5397 we can look for price to push back towards 1.5470 and the 1.5503-23 highs. This may well be enough for today. However, note resistance at 1.5581 and 1.5619...

MT Bullish:

23rd April:           We seem to be at a critical point at the 1.5311-17 support. While this holds there is room for gains back to the 1.5523 high and if this becomes strong then the 1.5739-60 area at least en route 1.5930 at least.

Daily Bearish: 

We may have seen a complex correction with the move to 1.5470 and reversal lower. This generates a critical support area at 1.5311-17. Therefore, any break below here is going to take us back into the recent range with initial support at 1.5289 and then between 1.5220-56. Take care here as if this turns into a sideways move this area can support. Below 1.5220 would imply a total recycling of the correction back to 1.5192 and probably closer to the 1.5143 corrective low.

MT Bearish:

 19th March:      Only below 1.5140 would take us back into range and back towards the 1.4960 area.

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