Price:   1.4939

Bias:    We must see the 1.4950 resistance hold to maintain the bearish move else see a move to 1.5084 before lower

Daily Outlook:

This didn't really move the way I had expected with a minor new high at 1.5011. The decline from there has been encouraging but not totally convincing. Therefore I'd rather wait for break here. A move above 1.4960 would begin to threaten yesterday's 1.5011 high and probably then generate follow-through to 1.5030-49 and probably around the 1.5084 area. Look for bearish trade set ups there.

Any earlier loss of the 1.4914 low would encourage a more bearish outlook for 1.4850-84… Take care there as this could generate a correction at the very least. Below the 1.4850 pivot support would confirm losses through 1.4821 and 1.4780-00 to eventually make its way down towards the 1.4680-90 area again.

Medium Term Outlook:

22nd June:      Even though yesterday's high was short of the favored 1.4965 target it does still fit into the underlying bullish view and thus the 1.4682-20 area should support for the next rally which should reach the 1.5050-97 area - but that should provide the top.

Only directly below 1.4682 and 1.4644 would reverse the bullish picture directly....

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