Price:   1.0000

Bias:     While 1.0019-30 caps the risk is for a break below 0.9976 to reach 0.9890-20 and probably 0.9847-63

Daily Bullish:

The congestion remained messy but with failure below the 1.0064-74 area the emphasis remains lower. Thus, only a break back above 1.0030 would extend the consolidation and more likely cause a push above 1.0064 for the 1.0102 high. I don't think this would hold for long - next major resistance is then found around the 1.0177-07 area. Also note resistance at 1.0225-37.

MT Bullish:

12th April:           Having looked at daily & weekly momentum there isn't much indication of a low being in place. Thus, only back above 1.0103-28 would raise the risk of stronger gains back to 1.0224-35 initially and potentially after that to the 1.0301-19 area.

Daily Bearish: 

The triangle morphed a little but basically remained intact and the break of 1.0010 does appear bearish. However, take care as I feel the 0.9992 support is likely to generate a correction and while this remains below 1.0019-30 I feel we will then get follow-through below 0.9976 and to the original 0.9890-20 target but now I feel the 0.9847-63 area is implied. This should be the most we see.

MT Bearish:

 13th March:       Assuming the 1.0069-74 area caps today the triangle will be complete and thus a break below the 1.0010 low would confirm extension to 0.9890-20 at least and potentially 0.9822-53.

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