Price:   1.0113

Bias:     While 1.0116-36 caps I see room for extension lower to 1.0015 before a correction…

Daily Bullish:

This seems to be clearing up with the break below 1.0084… I feel we may have seen the full correction at 1.0116 but we should allow for 1.0136. Only a break above 1.0140 would cause a stronger recovery back through 1.0160 to 1.0193 and 1.0231. At this point I wouldn't expect any higher. However, note resistance at 1.0250 and stronger around the 1.0316-19 peaks. More likely we'll see a buying opportunity around 1.0015 - watch for a bullish trade set up here.

MT Bullish:

18th March:            I see limited pullbacks now until the 0.9907 area. Only an earlier break above 1.0140 & 1.0231-50 would lead to a retest of the 1.0316-19 peaks and it is this area that needs to break to generate a stronger recovery.

Daily Bearish: 

Loss of 1.0084 has clarified the structure and I feel we are currently seeing a probable selling opportunity around the 1.0116-36 area. From here look for losses back to the 1.0069 area and while we should see a mild correction look for an eventual decline to the 1.0015 support. I feel this will hold for a correction higher.

MT Bearish:

 18th March:        Deeper losses seen and this should see a test of the 1.0015 support where a pullback is due. However, I feel it will be only a correction and should later reach 0.9907 at least before a stronger recovery.

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