Price:   1.0573

Bias:  While 1.0518-27 supports I feel there is more room on the upside to reach 1.0625-35 initially and possibly 1.0694-16

Daily Bullish:

Yesterday's losses fell between the two support areas I identified yesterday but from 1.0449 we have seen a solid recovery and I feel this will follow-through over the course of the day. We are already close to the prior 1.0581 high and I don't see this holding for too long but suspect the 1.0625-35 area stands a better chance of generating a correction. This is where we may see a continuation pattern develop. Once the correction is complete I feel this could rally to the 1.0694-1.0716 resistance at least. Take care here. Only a break above would retest the 1.0760-70 area.

MT Bullish:

18th November:   This still remains a bit choppy and I'm not 100% comfortable with the upside yet. I feel that more likely we are to see one more dip lower before strength can develop. Thus, only back above yesterday's 1.0617 high would encourage for 1.0694 and 1.0760-80.

Daily Bearish: 

Well the dip I expected occurred though stalled in a different place to where I had expected and has provoked a stronger follow-through higher. I feel there should be a temporary peak around the 1.0625-35 area but this may not be big enough to provide a safe selling opportunity. More likely I feel the 1.0694-17 area may well provide that opportunity. If not then we may be looking at the 1.0760-70 area. Only an early failure to break above 1.0581 and loss of 1.0518-27 would imply direct losses which should then break through yesterday's 1.0449 low to retest the 1.0415-25 area.

MT Bearish:

13th November:   I haven't altogether given up on the downside but the outlook is a bit unclear. Only back below the 1.0415 low would suggest a test of the 1.0377 corrective low and if this breaks then maybe we'll see losses all the way down to 1.0266 and 1.0205 again.

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