Price:   1.0442

Bias:    Slightly mixed but feel more on the bearish side… but not sure this will decline too far…

Daily Outlook:

Losses stalled on Friday at the 1.0444 support but then extended to just above the 1.0404 support yesterday. I feel there is probably more room for losses today but I'm not convinced these will be strong. Below 1.0404-13 would see the decline extend to 1.0380 and then the stronger 1.0340-50 support. Watch for a bullish trade set up to develop. Only breach would maintain the bearish momentum for 1.0245-75 and max 1.0218...

Only an earlier break above the 1.0494-04 Fibonacci & price resistance would imply more direct gains to 1.0549 followed by 1.0582-94 and 1.0632… Also note the 1.0715 corrective high.

Medium Term Outlook:

1st June:      I'm still considering the possibility of a move all the way back to 1.0110 but still find this less likely. More likely I feel that we should see losses limited and bring price back into range - but not new highs yet....

Therefore, only back above 1.0505 followed by 1.0632 and 1.0715 corrective high would suggest gains again but I'd have to re-evaluate the structure….

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