Price:   1.0449

Bias:    In spite of my doubts price has shown a solid rally and this could resume today

Daily Outlook:

I was too conservative yesterday and in fact the uptrend resumed directly. Indeed, I feel the correction is probably complete though be aware of the minor risk of a dip to 1.0374-02 again. More likely this should see another round of gains that should quickly move back to yesterday's 1.0536 high and then follow-through for 1.0587, 1.0611, 1.0651 and 1.0691 en route 1.0741-58 where a pullback is possible. Overall I feel this should reach the 1.0819 area.

Only a reversal below 1.0358-74 would undermine the bullish structure and cause a deeper pullback again… Then watch the 1.0296-20 support area followed by 1.0252 and 1.0211.

Medium Term Outlook:

20th May:      In fact the larger uptrend resumed directly and I feel this should soon reach the 1.0741 high again - possibly 1.0758 where a brief correction should develop before follow-through to the favored initial target at 1.0819. Look for a correction from here which should be followed by new highs.

Therefore, only below 1.0358 complicates matters once again and would probably imply some messy range trading.

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