Price:   1.0557

Bias:     Slightly mixed in the short term but I look for an eventual push higher to 1.0640-48 minimum - max 1.0692

Daily Bullish:

The pullback didn't reach my lower support but broke directly higher to 1.0602. This should not be the final high. In the short term there seems to be risk of a sideways consolidation and possibly a dip to 1.0527-33 again. Therefore I feel we should be focusing on bullish trade set ups either at 1.0527-33 or on a break above 1.0590-02. Either way I look for the uptrend to reach the 1.0640-48 area minimum and this is my favored target. However, also note the higher projection at 1.0692...

MT Bullish:

25th January:       The rally has been more direct than anticipated but should still see gains to 1.0640 at least and with only a minor chance of seeing the 1.0747 highs.

Daily Bearish: 

Overall I feel we should be holding back from any bearish stance to await a test of the 1.0640-48 target. I feel that anywhere above here should provide a bearish trade set up and probably maximum 1.0692. Only an earlier break below 1.0527 would concern and below 1.0490-05 would trigger follow-through to the 1.0447 corrective low at least. Next support is at the 1.0413 Fibo and pivot support.

MT Bearish:

 21st January:    The break above 1.0412-24 is pointing to a potential larger consolidation structure that may well see a high around 1.0640… Thus, only below 1.0350 would risk earlier reversal back to the 1.0205-23 lows.

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