Price:   1.0260

Bias:     We are now at a critical juncture - either we see direct losses below 1.0213-37 or a push to 1.0360 before losses

Daily Bullish:

Well, we saw a peak in the middle of the 1.0293-1.0318 resistance range. This has been enough to satisify a minimum correction but the structure is open to one more push higher with the ideal retracement target at 1.0360. If this is to happen then we should see the 1.0213-37 support hold. If a bullish trade set up is seen in this area then look for another push higher back above 1.0276 and into the 1.0301-18 area. This is likely to hold on first test but after a correction look for follow-through to the 1.0360 resistance. This should cap else see stronger follow-through...

MT Bullish:

23rd March:            I still have a target around 0.9907 at least but yesterday's strength appears to suggest we shall see a retest at the 1.0316-19 highs. I suspect they'll hold but watch the 1.0360 resistance also.

Daily Bearish: 

With a minimum correction seen we should be on alert for resumption of the downtrend. However, we have to be cautious as we are at a stage where this could go either way. Ideally the 1.0213 area should support while there is still a chance of gains. Thus, only look for stronger losses below 1.0213 and 1.0186. If seen then losses should revisit the 1.0150-69 area at least. Take care here as a reaction is possible. Breach will extend losses down through 1.0130 and to the 1.0062-97 area.

MT Bearish:

 26th March:        Frustrating but it seems as if we have yet to see a further test of the 1.0316-19 peaks (maybe even 1.0360) before we can see losses. The 0.9907 target is still the favored target.

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