Price:   1.0313

Bias:     While 1.0323-35 caps the risk remains lower for 1.0243 before a correction

Daily Bullish:

The pullback was much briefer than I had expected and seems to be pointing to a more bearish structure than I had thought… Thus, only a break back above the 1.0335 retracement resistance would provide any earlier relief and trigger gains through 1.0363 and to the 1.0384-96 area at least. From this area take care. There is further resistance at 1.0422 & 1.0448. An earlier loss to 1.0243 should be observed for a bullish trade set up - if seen it should trigger a correction higher.

MT Bullish:

3rd March:          The downside looks more vulnerable. Only back above 1.0440-63 would suggest a deeper pullback - but this could still be within the larger range.

Daily Bearish: 

A more direct resumption of losses is pointing to the 1.0323-35 area capping for losses to press the 1.0273 low with break indicating 1.0243. Take care here as this could stall and cause a correction. Thus, only look for more aggressive losses on a break of 1.0243 which, if seen, would extend losses through 1.0205 and to 1.0155.

MT Bearish:

 3rd March:        Losses have been developing as expected and while 1.0417-40 caps should maintain the downward pressure to 1.0243, 1.0194-23 and then we need be careful. Only breach would imply 1.0158 and potentially 1.0111.

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