Price:   1.0661

Bias:  While 1.0688 caps I feel we should see the 1.0596-1.01621 area tested but then correct

Daily Bullish:

I feel that the first move should be a pullback towards 1.0688 but while this area caps I feel the downside is still more likely to retest the 1.0648 lows and beyond to somewhere between 1.0596-1.0621. Take care here as I feel we are due a correction and thus look for bullish set ups. Only an earlier break above 1.0680 would provoke a deeper correction back above 1.0726 and to the 1.0755-60 area at least. Then note resistances at 1.0783, 1.0815 and then the 1.0866 high.

MT Bullish:

4th November:  Breach of 1.0751 has undermined the bullish structure and therefore we'd need a break back above 1.0866 to generate any stronger MT gains.

Daily Bearish: 

The drop to 1.0648 only looks like half of the decline and I feel we'll see more soon. Ideally then 1.0688 resistance should hold and generate follow-through to 1.0596-1.0621 where I’d expect a correction higher. Thus, only below 1.0596 and 1.0882 would extend losses to 1.0544 and probably 1.0488-1.0510.

MT Bearish:

2nd November:   Back below 1.0734-54 will be needed to extend losses to 1.0658 & possibly 1.0608 at least. Take care here. Only breach would trigger stronger follow-through to 1.0550 minimum.

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