Price:   1.0722

Bias:     The move higher does not yet look complete and while 1.0664-79 supports I look for 1.0857-03

Daily Bullish:

The bearish divergence still remains present in the 8-hour chart but has not been supported by the lower time frames yet. Therefore I feel we are due one more rally. However, early trading could well remain in a range between 1.0664-79 and 1.0767-79 before seeing the last leg higher. Thus a break above 1.0779 would extend gains through to 1.0857-66 at least and potentially 1.0903. I feel this will complete the rally. However, do also keep in mind the 1.0946 resistance.

MT Bullish:

8th February:       It looks like a slightly higher target around 1.0857-66 is the favored peak but we should also keep in mind the 1.0903 & 1.0946 resistance levels.

Daily Bearish: 

I still feel there needs to be another push higher and therefore only a break below the 1.0664-79 area would cause some weakness through to 1.0623-44 again. It is break of this lower support at 1.0623 that would threaten a total reversal and a return to the 1.0545 low. Also note the next support at 1.0487.

MT Bearish:

 8th February:    We have seen the 1.0784-03 area reached but there still seems more chance of seeing 1.0857-66 and at most 1.0903-46. Thus look for bearish trade set ups at the higher resistance levels. Only an earlier break below 1.0623 and 1.0545 would generate stronger losses directly.

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