Price:   1.0561

Bias:    While 1.0515-40 supports I look for follow-through to 1.0677 and later to 1.0729-75

Daily Outlook:

Yesterday's pullback was a little deeper than expected dropping 6 pips below the 1.0521 support. However, overall I remain positive here and it's more a matter of planning how this move will develop. This will not allow a break of the 1.0515-40 lows. The initial barrier on the way up is at the 1.0590-00 area. If this holds then we'll probably see further range trading above 1.0540 before finally breaking through to the 1.0642-52 area and probably the 1.0677 high. In urn this must break to carry price up into the 1.0729-1.0775 area. I expect a cap to develop here for stronger losses.

Only an earlier break below 1.0515-40 would imply a deeper correction with 1.0410-30 and 1.0368 as the supports to watch for.

Medium Term Outlook:

7th June:      I am cautious about Friday's rush higher. I do feel there are more gains to be seen but I have some doubts these will break above 1.0745-76... If so then we'll see a reversal back into range.

Therefore, only back above 1.0780 would risk a move back to the 1.0851 high...

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