Price: 1.1053

Bias: Overall bearish but the first move should be higher

Daily Bullish:
Friday's break below 1.1252-80 provoked the long expected decline that has reached 1.1030 this morning. There is a chance this could move straight through lower but I am rather more in favor of a correction first. To confirm this we really need a move above the 1.1078 pivot resistance that should then spur us back to 1.1101. Take care there as this could provide a short correction but then look for follow-through above 1.1130 and into the 1.1150-86 resistance area which I expect will cap. Only breach extends to 1.1240-60.

MT Bullish:
11th May: Friday's break lower is in line with the medium term bearish expectations and while 1.1150-86 caps this should allow the downtrend to continue. Thus only above 1.1186-00 confuses and allows a pullback to 1.1320 at least.

Daily Bearish:
The downside has developed at long last and there is still further to go. However, there is risk of a pullback to 1.1150-86 first which should provide a good selling opportunity for losses back to 1.1030 and after a correction to the 1.0912-25 area. Only an earlier break of 1.1030 would imply direct follow-through. There is minor support at 1.0980 but below that is the 1.0912-25 intermediate target.

MT Bearish:
30th April: The downside appears to be developing directly and while there is a risk of a pullback to the 1.1420-52 area I'll look for follow-through to the 1.1157 lows followed by 1.1061 at least and eventually the 1.0912 area.

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