Price: 1.0807

Bias: 1.0775-90 is the break level although there is also support at 1.0733-58 but remain aware of both sides today

Daily Bullish:

My bullishness is declining but we cannot forget the threat still as no break lower has been seen yet. There is still risk that while 1.0775-90 supports that we could see a move back to around 1.0835-43. It is above here that the upside begins to become a stronger threat and a breach of teh 1.0882 high would extend gains to the 1.0933-54 area at least and there is then a stronger risk of follow-through to 1.1000-30 and 1.1067.

MT Bullish:

10th August: I am less convinced here but if there is any chance of stronger gains then I feel a move above the 1.1021 high must be seen to open the risk for eventual gains to 1.1155.

Daily Bearish:

Breach of 1.0835 has undermined the strongly bullish scenario but we should be patient to allow confirmation of a reversal to develop. The key support is at 1.0790 - and also possibly 1.0775. Even then there is risk of a pullback. If we see an early correction back to the 1.0835-43 area that caps then any test of 1.0790 would more likely succeed and provoke stronger losses through 1.0733-58 and 1.0681 to reach the 1.0637 area. This should prompt a correction but in time the 1.0567 low will come under pressure.

MT Bearish:

12th August: The bearish cycles and yesterday's failure to break higher is causing me to look more strongly for a break below 1.0758-90 to retest the 1.0567 low and over time I would not be surprised to see this reach the 1.0370 low once again - maybe even 1.0040.

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