Price:   1.0661

Bias:     While the 1.0710-24 area caps I look for losses to the 1.0596-08 target

Daily Bullish:

I feel it will be better to wait for a test of the 1.0596-08 support to look for a better buying opportunity - watch for bullish set ups there. However, before we get there the arly risk is for a pullback probably from the 1.0640-52 area. This should reach the 1.0710-24 resistance but should cap for the final move lower. Only consider an alternative buying possibility on a direct break above 1.0724-57. Once the move higher is confirmed it should move back to the 1.0827 high.

MT Bullish:

16th February:        I still find the underlying bullish structure a little lacking but while 1.0590-10 supports it should remain the dominant direction. Back above 1.0827-37 would target 1.0927-55 minimum and potentially 1.1021-55.

Daily Bearish: 

The downside developed nicely and stalled just above the 1.0646 target. This area should support initially (allow for 1.0640-52 again) and more likely we'll get a selling opportunity at the 1.0710-24 resistance area. From there look for losses to extend below 1.0640-52 and down into the 1.0596-08 target. This should hold for a larger reversal higher. Thus, only breach of 1.0590 would accelerate the decline to 1.0466-97.

MT Bearish:

 16th February:     Only back below 1.0590-10 would open the way for a move to 1.0540-50 and then test the 1.0497 swing low. Break here would break the uptrend and imply stronger losses.

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