Price:   1.0740

Bias:     While the 1.0665-94 area holds I am more in favor of the uptrend resuming

Daily Bullish:

Price stalled at the 1.0694 support to the pip and with an hourly bullish divergence I feel we shall see the uptrend resume. The first attempt may well stall at the 1.0770-98 area ad cause a correction. However, after a correction I'd look for the rally to extend above 1.0800 and 1.0829-67 en route the 1.0897 high at least. Note further resistance at 1.0955 and 1.1017.

MT Bullish:

26th February:          The 1.0668-94 area seems possible now and looks like a good area to look for more strategic buying levels. Back above 1.0897 targets 1.1017-32 minimum and potentially 1.1189.

Daily Bearish: 

With the reaction from the 1.0694 support on Friday I feel that the downside is probably over. Thus, only consider a stronger bearish stance on a break below 1.0665-94. Only if seen would it risk follow-through below 1.0608 and 1.0581 towards the 1.0497-14 support.

MT Bearish:

 22nd February:       While I look for a pullback to the 1.0646-65 area I do not expect any sustained losses at this point.

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