Price:   1.0486

Bias:     While 1.0506-19 caps I feel we shall more likely see a retest of 1.0372-86 before new highs next week

Daily Bullish:

No break above 1.0506 and instead a messy corrective move that doesn't look as if it should break higher just yet. I prefer to wait for a move back to the 1.0372-86 area which should occur by the end of today - maybe into tomorrow - and from where I feel price can make a more direct attack higher to move above 1.0506 towards the 1.0548 area minimum. Take a little care as this was a major swing high in the decline. However, I feel the greater risk may well be to extend gains all the way to the 1.0669-74 target area. This may be the limit of the gains but also take note of 1.0753 and 1.0825.

MT Bullish:

23rd December:     We continue to see gains as expected and while 1.0372-86 supports I look for a move above 1.0506 to 1.0548, 1.0609 and the 1.0669-74 target. Take note of momentum conditions then. Further resistance is at 1.0753 and 1.0825.

Daily Bearish: 

Even though EURUSD broke lower price here couldn't manage to really test the 1.0506 high. I see a small risk of seeing 1.0519 but I have doubts. More likely I feel we'll see this drift back lower below the 1.0460-75 pivot support area which should extend losses to 1.0435 and then to the 1.0372-86 area. I look for a base here for stronger gains. However, note next supports at 1.0345 and stronger at 1.0280-04.

MT Bearish:

 21st December:  There is no change to the underlying expectations of seeing the 1.0530-52, 1.0609 or 1.0653-67 resistance areas. Only an earlier break below 1.0233 would imply more direct losses that may even extend below 1.0000 again.

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