Price:   1.1491

Bias:    Mixed - waiting for breaks with a break above 1.1585 seeing 1.1619-43

Daily Outlook:

Price has remained in the 1.1452-1.1585 range and this still represents the breaks required for a stronger directional move. As long as EURUSD does move lower then I feel we shall finally have an opportunity to see the additional highs I have been considering. Above 1.1512 will assist back to 1.1542 and 1.1585 with follow-through anticipated to 1.1619 minimum and potentially 1.1643-66. Take care as I feel this should provide the top. Note next resistance at 1.1691 and 1.1741-74.

Any earlier loss of 1.1450 would appear to signal a retest of the 1.1418 low directly and probably breach for 1.1315-40 and max 1.1267-78. This should cause a correction higher. Note next support at 1.1227-40 and 1.1182.

Medium Term Outlook:

21st May:      The 1.1666 target may still be possible but it's touch and go - work with breaks.

The only risk I see is direct losses which break below 1.1418-52 which would trigger those losses directly.

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