Price:   1.0718

Bias:     I look for a low in the 1.0665-89 area and for the uptrend to resume

Daily Bullish:

Friday's deep pullback was encouraging and does seem in line with the structure I was considering. This we should see a dip into the 1.0665-89 area and here look for bullish trade set ups. From this support I shall look for a pullback to 1.0738-53 and then to 1.0800-07 on the way back to Friday's 1.0849 high. Note further resistance at the 1.0897 high before the stronger 1.0953 resistance..

MT Bullish:

26th April:           No change to the view but tidying up the levels the support now lies at 1.0665-89 and should then trigger resumption of the uptrend back to Friday's 1.0849 high and probably the 1.0897 high en route 1.0953. Expect a correction there before seeing the 1.1067 target.

Daily Bearish: 

I do feel the first part of the day will see losses to 1.0665-89 but that should be it. Thus only below here and 1.0624-40 would completely destroy the bullish structure and suggest follow-through lower. If that occurs then watch the 1.0602 swing low followed by the 1.0555 pivot area. Next is the 1.0501 corrective low.

MT Bearish:

 23rd March:      While I do see some risk of a pullback as deep as 1.0653-76 take care. Only below 1.0650 would confirm the rally is complete and we'd be on our way back lower.

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