Price:   1.0572

Bias:     While 1.0526-53 supports I look for a resumption of gains to 1.0654-67 at least & possibly 1.0727

Daily Bullish:

The 1.0592 low broke and this has generated a choppy decline that I see having support above 1.0526. While this support holds I look for gains back above 1.0624-39 to 1.0654-67. Take care there. It is a valid resistance but I'm not so sure it will hold. More likely this rally should extend to the 1.0727 area which should hold for a move back lower...

MT Bullish:

1st February:      Momentum remains strong but has resistance at 1.0654-67, 1.0727, 1.0814-25 and 1.0955… If there is any earlier pullback from 1.0654-67 then the 1.0405-45 should support.

Daily Bearish: 

The decline from the 1.0639 high has been very messy and certainly looks corrective. Thus I feel the downside limit is at 1.0526. Thus, any stronger bearish stance would be best left until this support is broken. If seen then look for a return to 1.0475-82, 1.0428 and then the 1.0373-85 area. Any earlier rally to 1.0727 should be observed for signs of a bearish trade set up.

MT Bearish:

 1st February:    I can't see any deeper than 1.0526 now or price would then extend back to the 1.0373-85 area.

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