Price: 1.0854

Bias: While 1.0833-45 supports I feel we can reach the 1.0961-79 area at least - then work with breaks

Daily Bullish:

The 1.0855 support slipped a little but we finally reached the low end of the 1.0930-65 resistance. There is a steep bearish divergence in the hourly market so we should be cautious. There is support at 1.0833-45 and while this remains intact there may be room for gains back above 1.0905 and 1.0933 to the 1.0961-79 area. Take care here as this may well cause a reversal lower. Thus only a break above 1.0980 would extend gains to 1.1021 and possibly 1.1067.

MT Bullish:

30th July: I really can't argue a bearish stance any more but I need a bit more information to be firmer on the upside targets. While 1.0822-30 supports I feel we should reach 1.1037-67 at least. Take care above there with 1.1119 & 1.1166 implied.

Daily Bearish:

I am very aware of the hourly bearish divergence and the 1.0833-45 support. This is critical and if it breaks then expect a pullback lower through 1.0795 & 1.0752 to the 1.0730-35 pivot support. I feel this may well hold on first test. Thus only breach would extend losses down to 1.0622-53 at least. Also keep in mind the 1.0590 low.

MT Bearish:

31st July: I am rather concerned with this morning's strength in the Euro and any loss of 1.0833-45 would threaten to take price all the way down to the 1.0590-22 area again. If so it may well imply we'll see the Dollar's decline become much stronger. Next major support is at 1.0370.

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