Price:   1.1652

Bias:    Overall this should now reach 1.1780-90 but there could be some early consolidation above 1.1587-17

Daily Outlook:

Losses stalled just above the higher 1.1418 support and from there we have seen scrappy upward progress. I can't say the structure is too clear but overall I see gains developing. During this process the 1.1587-1.1617 area should be the deepest we see. Early resistance is at 1.1689 followed by 1.1725 and I suspect some rather choppy trading around here and a pullback at come point that should ideally remain above 1.1617 but allow for 1.1587. At the end of this the eventual target is at 1.1780-90 at least. If this breaks then the next target is all the way up at 1.1890-95.

Only a break below 1.1587 would concern and suggest slippage back to 1.1533 at least. If this breaks then it would appear to suggest a retest below 1.1495-00 and back close to Friday's 1.1426 low.

Medium Term Outlook:

7th June:      The deeper pullback was seen on Friday and this should lead to a test of 1.1780-90 which is my favored target before a deeper correction. Also note the 1.1890-95 resistance.

From these areas I'll look for a pullback to around the 1.1100-50 area.

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