Price:   1.0733

Bias:     While 1.0692-13 supports there is still risk of gains to 1.0785 followed by the 1.0840-44 area

Daily Bullish:

Yesterday's levels didn't work out at all so clearly the structure I was considering was wrong. However, I still see momentum as overall quite firm and feel that while the 1.0692-13 area supports the greater risk remains higher. A break above 1.0743 will assist to extend gains towards 1.0767 and yesterday's 1.0785 high. Take care in this broad area as a correction should occur but once complete should then follow-through to the 1.0840-44 resistance which I feel will cap. Next resistance is at 1.0868-97.

MT Bullish:

9th April:            There's no change to the bullish scenario but just the levels to watch for. The 1.0840-44 area could provide a pullback but then later extend gains to 1.0897 and possibly towards 1.0938-58 before a deeper correction.

Daily Bearish: 

I have to be careful as yesterday I obviously followed the wrong wave structure. While I feel this is still bullish there does seem to be a clear break area in the 1.0692-1.0713 area. Thus, only a break below here will see stronger losses initially to the 1.0640 pivot support. Below is stronger support at 1.0584-1.0610. Any earlier (preferred) rally to 1.0840-44 should be observed for a bearish trade set up.

MT Bearish:

 9th March:       With the adjustment to the wave structure note the 1.0840-44 area for a correction followed by the 1.0938-58 area (estimated) which could cause a deeper pullback.

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