Price:   91.76

Bias:    While 91.45-55 supports the upside has potential for 92.33 and 92.68-87

Daily Outlook:

The review of the weekly structure has made me bullish but I am aware that this can still be quite choppy. However, there does seem to be a strong chance we shall see gains continue today with the maximum downside at the 91.45-55 pivot support. This should provide a base for gains through 92.07 and to 92.33. Expect a correction from there but limited before a further rally to the 92.67-87 area. Again expect a correction from here and probably a little deeper. Above there is minor resistance at 93.00-11 and stronger around 93.37 which should be the target after the correction from 92.67-87 has completed.

Only a break back below 91.40-45 will imply a completely different outlook and cause losses back to the 90.83 lows, then the 90.53 pivot support and after a correction the risk will be for losses to reach the 89.25-43 area.

Medium Term Outlook:

14th June:      After the review this morning there isn't really much change to the outlook which remains bullish for 92.33, 92.68-87 and 93.37-63 en route 94.45-64. In the larger picture I could envisage seeing 95.76 and maybe even 96.46...

If the 91.40-45 support breaks then look for losses to extend to the 89.25-43 area before correcting higher in a range.

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