Price: 98.97

Bias: While 99.20-40 caps look for losses to 98.34 and later to 97.78 at least - possibly 97.28-48

Daily Bullish:
Overall we have seen losses to 98.71 and the downside does still seem to be the way to go. There is resistance at 99.20 which I feel will cap. However, to be safe, I feel a break above 99.40 would offer stronger upside potential. If seen then look for price to extend higher to the 99.85-95 pivot area. Take care this could cause a reaction. Above 99.95 maintains the upward momentum for 100.35 and 100.71-78 once again but I feel this will cap. Next resistance is at the 101.43 high followed by 102.14-46.

MT Bullish:
15th April: I suspect the cycle high has passed and we have seen the anticipated high. Even if we see a push back above 101.43 I remain with the 102.46 and 103.14-33 resistance areas.

Daily Bearish:
The correction from 99.31 quickly ended and we have returned to the bearish side. I look for 99.20 to cap to extend losses to the 98.34 area. Take care there as I suspect it will hold and force a correction. While this correction remains below the same 99.20-40 area we should see losses back to 98.34 and below to the 97.78 support at least and at most 97.28-48. Only if the first decline pushes directly below 98.34 is there any stronger risk of testing the 97.28-48 area directly. Below there I see support at 96.97 and 95.95.

MT Bearish:
15th April: The more I see the more I feel the major cycle high is now in place. This should remain above the 96-97.28 area at first but on the subsequent decline look for much stronger losses - I suspect to around 91.00 but will update later.

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