Price:   90.93

Bias:  I see early risk of seeing 90.37 (max 90.07) before another push higher that should eventually reach 92.22-52

Daily Bullish:

There was no pullback on Friday but the rally didn't quite reach my resistance target either. I suspect therefore that we could see the pullback lower in the first half of the day with 90.07-37 that area to look for a buying opportunity. Only a direct break above the 91.31 high would threaten immediate follow-through - with the only risk being at 91.59-62. Thus above 91.59-62 would extend gains to 92.22 at least and I suspect closer to the 92.52 major corrective high. However, this should hold on the first attempt. Next resistance is at 93.15.

MT Bullish:

15th October:

Daily Bearish: 

Price dipped from the 91.31 high and there does seem risk of follow-through below the 90.57 level reached on Friday. The ideal target is at 90.37 but there is also one other scenario that could imply a test of 90.07… However, with a minor swing low at 90.18 I still remain more in favor of the 90.37 support holding. Thus, take care in this broad area. Only a break below 90.00-07 would imply deeper losses. This would extend the downside to 89.77 and more likely the 89.30-50 congestion area where I'd expect a pullback. Note next support at 88.83-97 and 88.48.

MT Bearish:

16th October:     I think it best to put a bearish stance on hold unless we get a break below 90.50 and then the 89.83-89 corrective lows. If this is seen then there may be more risk of a test of the 86.67-87.10 target…

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