Price:   90.50

Bias:     While 90.06-20 support I look for follow-through to 91.69-74 before correcting again

Daily Bullish:

I warned on a break back above the 90.04 corrective high on Friday we'd be seeing a stronger push higher. So far this has reached 90.90 and should extend higher tonight. A break above 90.90 would extend gains through 91.26 and to the 91.65-74 area. I feel this will cap for a correction. Thus, only above 91.75 would extend the bullish momentum for 92.31 and 92.62. Again I will look for this to hold and for a correction. This structure will imply a final target around 93.13-31.

MT Bullish:

18th December:     I retain the larger targets on the upside at 91.16, 91.70 and 93.13. However, these can only be approached directly while this morning's low at 88.92 holds. This would cause a pullback from 91.70 before rallying to 93.03-30.

Daily Bearish: 

I think we have to look at two potential selling opportunities today: The favored one is at 91.65-75. Watch for a bearish set up there. The second would be if I'm wrong where a break below 90.06-20 would trigger earlier losses that I then feel would extend below 89.90 and 89.42-55. Take care here as this could cause a correction. Once complete we should see Friday's low at 88.92 retested.

MT Bearish:

 21st December: Friday's rally looks more bullish and I feel that apart from corrections the main area where I think we could see a strategic top is in the 93.13-31 area. I suspect this will not been see until next week and possibly not until the New Year.

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