Price:   88.86

Bias:  It's still best to take a neutral view until a larger break is seen but I'm more inclined to be bullish now…

Daily Bullish:

Yet another marginal new low yesterday but without any follow-through which has deepened the 4-hour bullish divergence with a daily cycle low due this week… The combination of these factors continues to push me towards the bullish side but until eventual break is seen I can't 100% rule out further minor breaches on the downside. Back above yesterday's 89.18 high would definitely contribute to a bullish stance but with the degree of volatility the break level is not clear. There is resistance then at 89.67 and above there at 90.44-60.

MT Bullish:

20th November:   We can reduce the break point for the upside to the 89.53-70 area. Once this breaks we should see gains develop - probably quite slowly - back towards the major peaks at 90.60, 91.26 and 92.31. The major targets are at 92.89-04 but then not until 93.74-94.04.

Daily Bearish: 

Another marginal new low and sharp recovery - can this be repeated? Again, I can't rule it out but until the 88.00 low breaks I'm very cautious about the downside. I like the 88.57 low as it produces a target for a second rally at 92.89 which has been one of the prospective targets for some while. However, even a dip to the 88.35-45 area can't be rules out. Thus, I feel it is best to wait for a breach of 88.00 to signal losses to 87.41 and then 86.93-10.

MT Bearish:

 16th November:   I think I want to take a step back and suggest that we'll have to wait for a break of the 88.00-14 area to trigger follow-through to the 86.93-87.10 area initially and then the prospect of the 85.73 and 84.39 targets become possible.

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