Price:   91.86

Bias:     Cautiously I look for losses to continue

Daily Bullish:

Hopefully the break higher to reach the target (and just above) should end this rally and uncertainty. Only look for stronger follow-through on a break above 92.40-60. Only this break would maintain the bullish structure for extension to 93.13-20, 93.75 and probably 94.52...

MT Bullish:

25th March:            The 92.28 target was achieved at long last and now only above 92.40-60 would suggest follow-through to 93.75 & 94.52 at least. Further resistance at 95.08.

Daily Bearish: 

Having seen the move to retest the 92.14 high I feel the downside should now once again come under pressure. Take care as given we had a spike higher we could see the opposite today if this is to be a spike high. That should mean the deepest pullback should be at around 92.05-15. If it gets closer to 92.39 again then we'll probably see a more sedate decline. Below 91.69-79 will extend the losses through 91.30 to 91.00-10 and then later to the 90.50-60 area. This should cause a pullback. Note next support at 89.62-82.

MT Bearish:

 25th March:        While 92.39-60 caps I expect losses to develop back to 90.50-60 and then below 89.62-82 and down to 88.13 again en route 87.21 and possibly around 86.45.

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