Price:   89.22

Bias:     Cautiously, while 89.49 holds I feel we should see extension to 88.33 before a larger correction higher

Daily Bullish:

The 88.76 target was met with 3 pips variance. The resistance at 89.50 is critical and while it holds there is probably a stronger risk that we'll see 88.33 first. Watch for a bullish trade set up there as this should trigger a deeper pullback. Only an earlier break above 89.50 would extend gains more directly to 90.04-26. However, that should be the most we see.

MT Bullish:

25th February:          Only back above 90.30 will trigger a larger reversal otherwise wait for a test of the 86.90-00 support for a stronger recovery.

Daily Bearish: 

The bounce from the 88.79 low has reached key resistance at 89.50. Cautiously, while this remains intact I feel we should see a return to the 88.79 area, a second (but shallower) correction before follow-through to the 88.33 target. That should hold. Only an earlier break above 89.50 would test the 90.04-26 resistance and that should be observed for bearish trade set ups.

MT Bearish:

 24th February:       While 90.50-85 caps look for losses to 88.33-76 and eventually to the 86.90 target.

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